Dancing in Rapturous Contemplation

Dance in Rapture. Dance in Contemplation.

Dance in Silence. Dance in a Hurricane.
Dance in your Heart. Dance in the World.
Dance in the Desert. Dance in the Crowded Market Place.
Dance in Latin America. Dance in the Middle East.
Dance for the Beloved. Dance with the Beloved.

This latest album explores different aspects of contemplation from the ecstasy of Latin dance and Persian Sufi music to the timeless stillness of Gregorian Chant.

  1. Age After Age
  2. Beloved God Samba
  3. Como Si Fuera Un Niño (Spanish Lullaby)
  4. God Is Love. And Love Must Love
  5. Persian Alchemy
  6. God Is All
  7. One More Drop Of Your Wine
  8. Ishtiaqe

If you would like to buy the album, or just individual tracks, they can be purchased as MP3s through the following link:
Simon Reece de Sousa - Dancing in Rapturous Contemplation

My deepest thanks to the following musicians who collaborated on this album:
Dariyush Alanjari: Tar improvised on Persian Alchemy and Setar drone accompaniment on Ishtiaqe
Steve Gorn: Bansuri (Bamboo Flute) on God Is All
Maria Radoje: Cello on Age After Age