Echoes of the Infinite




Echoes of the Infinite (1995) was recorded in the Vigeland’s Mausoleum in Oslo, Norway.

The incredible acoustics of the towering chamber, where the artist has depicted scenes of birth and death in fresco, produce a sense of space and timelessness beyond this world. As a musician, merely playing and singing in this sublime environment provides unfathomable inspiration.


    I have included the full version of Jai Baba as an extra track at the end. Initially this wasn’t intended to be a performance, just a warm-up. But I liked it so much I chose the beginning of it to open the album with. The final track is now the full “warm-up”. The whole CD is one hour long.

Click on links below to hear clips.


1.      Jai Baba

2.      Song of Dreams

3.      Footprints

4.      O Beloved

5.    As my heart sings...

6.      Fantasy on a Spanish Romance

7.      Norske Eventyr (part I)

8.      Norske Eventyr (part II)

9.      Jai Baba - Reprise

All compositions and improvisations by Simon Reece (© Music of Silence 1995) except * which is based on a traditional Spanish tune.

If you would like to buy the album, or just individual tracks, they can be purchased as MP3s through the following link:

Echoes of the Infinite artwork