Fragments of Longing

After 12 years, during which time my creative energies were focussed more on writing a novel than on playing music, I finally produced a new album, with strong Indian, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian and Armenian influences. The full title is:

Fragments of Longing
Scattered to the Winds and
Cast Adrift on the Ocean


1.   Yezdan (Yezdan Rama Krishna Elahi Buddha Jesus Allah)
2.   The Ant and the Sparrow (Spanish guitar, vocal  and viola)
3.   Sheriar (duduk with drone)
4.   Zagorski Baba (Meher Baba's name sung to Russian Orthodox chant)
5.   Ave Maria (by Franz Schubert)
6.   Footsteps of the White Horse (duduk with overtone drone)
7.   Japu Toomhara Naam (Flamenco version of ghazal by Bhau Kalchuri)
8.   Cool Breeze and Fire (traditional Armenian tune on duduk with Spanish guitar)
9.   Eli Eli (Hebrew song)
10. The swallow flew away laughing … (when they said ‘don’t run before you can walk’) (sitar, vocal and viola improvisation)
11. Gujerati Shepherd (Gujerati Arti played on duduk)

If you would like to buy the album, or just individual tracks, they can be purchased as MP3s through the following link:

Fragments Cover