Sun and Moon



Sun and Moon (1993) was recorded using many different instruments, particularly European (guitar and cello) and Indian (sitar, santoor and tanpura) as well as some from Latin America and of Japanese influence.


The pieces include Meher Baba’s Gujerati Arti and I Will Fly to You, a poem written by Mehera to Baba one Valentine’s Day, which I have put to music.

   Amongst the other pieces there is some Gregorian Chant, a flamenco dance piece and one played almost entirely on bottles. The whole CD is over one hour long.

Click on links below to hear short clips.

  1. Norway
  2. The Ocean
  3. Monastery
  4. O Beloved!
  5. The Voice behind all voices
  6. Shanti (bottles)
  7. Gujerati Arti *
  8. I will fly to You ‡  Video
  9. Meherabad
  10. ¡Alegría Alegría! (flamenco guitar)
  11. The Call of The Ancient One (sitar and voice)
  12. Waking to find my Beloved was there while I was asleep   

All compositions and improvisations by Simon Reece (© Music of Silence 1993) except

* (words and music by Avatar Meher Baba), and

‡ (words by Mehera J. Irani).

* and ‡ © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust - used with permission.



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